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Why us

Ragal Uniforms
Customer service

Our mission is to provide our little friends with skin friendly sustainable uniforms at the most competitive prices, style and quality of the market while working close by with your school in order to add value to your school uniforms supply.

Our priority is to promote excellent customer service in every aspect of the process and our ultimate goal is the total satisfaction of the final consumer.

We do that by manufacturing in some of the most prestigious and biggest manufactures of the world.

Our uniforms department is formed by Spanish designers and suppliers. With over 100 years of experience in the fashion industry and a production of over 3 million styles per year,  they are considered to be among the biggest uniform suppliers internationally with cooperation in countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Denmark, Germany,  USA, Mexico and many others.

With over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and with the high customer service values that we are known for, we are able to guarantee to you:

  • On time deliveries,

  • The best quality in the market,

  • The lowest prices in the market

  • The highest customer service values.

Contact us in order to find out more.

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